Steps to Remodeling a Kitchen

During holidays and special events, invitations are extended to family, friends and guests to join in the festivities. Assembling at loved ones, friends or family’s home is common practice. Receiving guests with open spaces and a comfortable atmosphere is desirable from both perspectives as the host or guest. Providing food and drinks for all is always in good taste and a great idea to facilitate an environment of mingling and to ease the introverted guest’s introductions to others at the meeting table, or kitchen, which usually ends up being the place where all the guests congregate. It is, after all, the “soul” of the home. It makes us all feel warm and welcomed when we can gather at the place from where the wonderful smells are originating. What are the steps to renovating that space to achieve your dream kitchen and the desired effect for all those gatherings?

The process of a kitchen renovation can be broken down into three stages. The three stages are the design development process, material selection as well as deciding on the team you will be working with on the renovation, and project implementation. The foremost step, the design and development stage, is the foundation and will set the tone for the remodel. During this step, deciding on the designer is critical. The designer needs to fully understand your concept for the kitchen and be able to work with you on implementing your vision into the design and the layout. You and the designer must be “a fit” for each other because together you will develop the concept of your dream kitchen along with what you want your kitchen to look like, what are the feasible options in the layout, and what features are the most essential for your kitchen. All of which are to be included in the drawings of your kitchen design.

Interviewing contractors and getting their proposals is a component of the second stage. Hiring a reputable and honest contractor with a proven track record who will set realistic expectations for the renovation will save lots of time and frustration during the construction process. Too often, a contractor is chosen based on lowest price. Beware of contractors who seem to be priced well below others or ones with an unrealistic price. This is cause for concern and should raise a red flag for the homeowner. In most cases, you do get what you pay for from the process. The second component of this stage is the materials selection. It is wise to be informed on the materials being used by the contractor during the build and as well as the finishes. Being educated on the available materials, the upkeep necessary for those materials and the life of the materials is something that the contractor should be able to provide to you. During this process of material exploration is when the discussion of flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, backsplashes, and appliances will take place. Hiring a professional contractor that is licensed and insured is essential and all documentation should be verified. An expert team translates to less hassle throughout the entire process.

The last stage in the kitchen remodeling process is the project implementation stage. Setting the proper expectations and realistic timeline for the project is essential. Setting realistic goals for the remodel will keep the stress level to a minimum for both the contractor and the homeowner. During the remodel, always allow for 10-30% percent of the overall budget for contingencies and unforeseen situations that may arise. For example, plumbing or electrical work that will be done along with the remodel that will require that the entire plumbing or electrical panel be brought up to current code. Situations such as this are where the budget contingency will come in handy.

Deciding to get your kitchen remodeled is a big undertaking for any homeowner. Always work with a contractor that knows the process and can walk you through the stages of the project. A kitchen remodel can be a smooth process if you work with a professional company with a proven track record. Envisioning the end result, a more functional and spacious kitchen area will make it all worth it when the project is complete. When the new space lends way to no longer having to eat out, you can enjoy the new spacious and updated kitchen with family and friends as well as sharing it with them during those festive special events.