Our Unique Background

Taking advantage of our broad division of services and large network of resources, we bring together the ideal team for any real estate project. This results in highly cost-efficient solutions, which enables us to complete projects in short time frames, with a sustainable and flexible design, while meeting budget requirements.

A key distinguishing factor for Zelaya Properties syndication is that we are real estate investors as individuals and as an organization. As a result, our interests are closely aligned with yours. For this reason, the better an investment performs, the better it is for our investors and for us.

Best of all, with Zelaya Properties, you work with a local company that you know and trust — not some distant national firm. Our knowledge of the local markets provides the highest potential for obtaining the desired returns on real estate holding or flipping concepts. We are keenly focused on maximizing the current value and cash flow of the asset while ensuring that the long-term value and the cash flow are not sacrificed. We believe that real estate is dynamic and decisions made today affect tomorrow’s value of the property.