Multi-unit Buildings

Investing in multi-unit properties is highly desired by our investor groups for many reasons.  One of the reasons is that it consolidates individual units into a single location for greater control of the asset.  Its geographical connectedness lends to greater area leverage of real estate and more efficient management. Also, let’s be honest, it’s less of a hassle to manage 8 units on the same street, rather than 1 unit on 8 separate streets. 

The principal objective in a multi-unit property acquisition or development is to return to our clients the highest rate of return for their investment.  We meticulously analyze all demographical data, income possibilities of area, growth rate, economical position of area, transportation, and general projected growth during all of our feasibility studies for every case.

Experts at constructing, renovating and repositioning of multi-unit properties for increased returns in target markets.  Keen observers of market trends and expert in analyzing market conditions, we deliver every time for our equity investors and all of our partners.  The Zelaya way is to strengthen our partnership with our investor partners and corporate affiliates.