Tenant Buildout

Tenant Build-Outs are a unique form of Commercial Remodeling and Renovation. We take an existing retail, office, or other commercial space and transform it to fit your business’ needs.

Zelaya Properties understands the relationship between the building management and our clients. We act as your representative to ensure all your needs are met. We believe that prior to signing a lease it is wise to bring us in. We can inspect any space to ensure that the demands of your business will be met. For instance, we may find that the electrical system may not be sufficient for your business. Or that the plumbing may need to be completely redone to accommodate your specific needs. And while these are issues we can take care of, they will increase the cost of construction and the time it takes to finish your project. We believe it is important that you know what the issues will be, before you sign a lease, because this will be your space for years to come.

We understand that you need to open your doors for business as quickly as possible to start recouping revenue. We keep this at the forefront of our mind and act accordingly. We stay on schedule and make sure we find solutions for any issues before they affect your project.