Why We Do It

We are in the business of building. We build houses; we build buildings; we build kitchens; we build decks. The list of what we physically build could go on and on, but the reason we build is for the (often intangible) results that come from the boards, bricks, nails, and mortar.

Dreams – To see our clients’ dream kitchens, houses, man-caves, etc, come to life is such a gratifying experience. Often these projects are something they have thought about, wished, saved for, and planned for a very long time. We understand that it is in our power to make sure their dream does not turn into a nightmare.

Futures – We build futures in so many ways. Whether it is giving our interns real world experience that they can take with them throughout their careers, building an office complex that countless companies will call home and where their employees will come to earn a living, or building value in our clients’ homes when it comes time to sell. Futures are one of the most important things we build.

Comfort – We all work hard. We put in a full day at the office, and, at the end of the day, there is nothing like coming home to a comfortable living space — a space that is both beautiful and functional. It gives us great satisfaction knowing that our clients are making dinner in a kitchen which allows them to keep an eye on their children doing school work, or to entertain in a space that flows, or to put their feet up while having a morning coffee on their new deck.

Happiness – As in life, happiness is a priority for us. It is so important for our entire team to enjoy their work. To bring their best every day. To feel fulfilled in a job well done. It’s important that we encourage a balance of work and play, especially for our upper management, so they are fresh and alive and effective leaders. And it is important that our clients feel happy when they work with us.

Security – Many, if not most, of our projects have the effect of improving the value of our client’s home, property, or building. In turn, this helps to build their financial security. In addition we build with our client’s safety and health in mind, so that they can be secure in the knowledge that their investment will not turn on them.

Peace of Mind – From the beginning of each relationship we build, we want our client’s to feel comfortable in working with us. We strive to disprove the preconceived notion that working with a contractor is a nightmare. We want our clients to feel at peace every step of the way with open communication, timely response, quality craftsmanship, and competitive and fair pricing. We stand behind our work. After all, our name is on it.