Our People

The foundation of any company starts with it’s leaders. However, a company of great quality requires all of its people to be of great quality, from the top management all the way through to our office staff, tradesmen, part-time laborers, interns, and subcontractors.

Our people have proven their talent and character, time and time again.

Our Leadership Team

Jay Zelaya
Chief Mental Engineer

With a bachelor’s degree in business and his 15+ years of experience in construction and real estate, Jay guides the mission, vision, and daily operations of Zelaya Properties. He is passionate about all aspects of these industries. Whether it’s remodeling a client’s home, building a client’s real estate portfolio, or developing and selling an office complex, he puts his heart and soul into it.

Jay believes that, through knowledge, anyone can succeed. His ultimate goal is to be able to take his passion for knowledge and his experience and resources in construction and real estate to build fully stocked libraries all over the world for communities with little or no literary resources.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He is committed to keeping his body and mind fit so in his down time you’ll often find him at the gym or with a book in hand.