Our History

In 2007 Zelaya Properties LLC, merged with PJ Home Improvement. Prior to the merger Zelaya Properties LLC focused on land site development, residential construction, custom construction of new homes, commercial construction, real estate, and real estate development. PJ Home Improvement, had serviced the communities of Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. for over 15 years. It provided residential and commercial construction, property maintenance, landscape design and maintenance, along with handyman services, from painting of a room to full renovation and remodel.

With the merger of the two companies, we offer a full range of services for any and all residential and commercial construction and renovation projects.

In 2013 we added Zelaya Homes to the family of companies. This division concentrates on working with and for Real Estate investors as well as developing our own properties.

We take pride in delivering our services and products on-schedule and within budget. We offer services that support both our residential and commercial clients from project conceptualization through project completion. We offer design/build services through the network of architects and engineers we have formed relationships with over the years.

Our network of Realtors, Wholesalers, Investors, and Lenders work with us to find our clients raw land to build on, properties to flip, and financing of projects. The wealth of knowledge and experience this team brings is immeasurable.