Are you licensed?
Yes. We are a Class A general contractor in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. Our license numbers are:
VA Class A – License # 2705118267
DC Class A – License # 410512000287
MD MHIC – License # 131441

Are you insured?
Yes. Our insurance is held with Erie and Hartford.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. At Zelaya Properties LLC we believe in our professional craftsmanship, that is why we feel confident in offering our clients a one year warranty on our work.

Do you give free estimates?
Yes, we will give you an initial consultation and estimate for your home improvement project at no charge to you. Please keep in mind that this consultation does cost us both time and money. Roughly 6 – 10 hours is spent by our staff for each consultation and estimate.

How long is the estimate valid?
The signed proposals are valid for one month after the date of issue. If it has been longer than that, we will be glad to refresh the quote.

How can I be sure I am choosing the right contractor with the right price?
There are many factors that go into choosing a contractor. It is an important decision, because you need to feel secure with the company you entrust your house or business and your financial investment to. While price is important, it is probably the last thing you should look at when selecting a contractor. First, you must narrow down your choices from the many options you have to a few, trustworthy candidates, then compare their prices. Find out how here.

How much does (fill in the blank) cost?
It would be great if we could tell you that your bathroom will cost $12,000 or your kitchen will cost $25,000 without ever looking at your home, plans, style, etc. But we can’t. There are many variables that go into each project. Everything from the size of the room, if plumbing and/or electrical need to be moved or added, to whether you are looking at off the shelf builder grade cabinets or superior quality custom cabinetry. It’s kind of like asking how much a car will cost. Well are you looking at a Toyota or a BMW?

I hear that the cost goes up after a project is started because of things encountered. Is that true?
The only time the contract price would increase is if you increase the scope of work or in the rare event that something is discovered that was completely unknown prior to the starting. Either way, we will provide an accurate estimate on the incurred cost prior to the work being performed.

Can I change the scope of a project after it has begun?
Of course, we want you to get what you want. Just request a change-order which will serve as an addendum to the base contract.

How can I be certain that I’ll be treated fairly and professionally?
You will be treated fairly and professionally because you have our word. We realize that there are many contractors out there. We too have heard the horror stories about contractors who left a job unfinished or sent in a surprisingly large bill. Whether you choose our company or another, our advice to you is to make sure you spend time upfront with the contractor. Ask lots of questions – Ask for references. You are getting ready to invest in a dream. Our job is to make that process move forward as quickly and professionally as possible. We can promise you this, you won’t be disappointed.

How should I go about checking references before I select a contractor?
Do not hesitate to ask for references before signing an agreement. With Zelaya Properties you can check our testimonials page, but if you prefer we would be glad to introduce you to past customers.

Need More Info?
If you are thinking about a new addition or renovating your home, we know you have many questions. We’re here to help. Please call Zelaya Properties at 703-672-0252 or email us info@zelayapropertiesllc.com.